Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mock interview reflection

Even though Mrs. Rogers said I didn't appear nervous, I most certainly was. Even though it was only practice, I was still worried if I was saying the best answers to her questions, if I was making sense or saying um too many times, etc. The way I dealt with being nervous was by trying to focus on exactly what I was trying to say, and to not blabber on about something other than the answer to her direct question. I unfortunately have a tendency to start talking about something other than what people ask. After leaving my mock interview, I compared it to interviews I had that were for a similar job description, and I realized that it was extremely good practice for me. Before the mock interview, I never thought to type up questions for the employer, or prepare a story for my greatest challenge or biggest flaw. Now I see how important it is to be prepared for an interview. Being prepared makes it go that much more smoothly. It also leaves you more confident with the interviewer if you know exactly what you are going to say, or ask.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My three favorite presentations

The three presentations I enjoyed the most were the presentation topic about Clemson Basketball. It was a great topic for the class, and he kept us interested by asking questions or getting heated about the crazy basketball statistics. The statistics gave his presentation ethos, because you clearly could not doubt the issue when the statistics were as obvious as they were. The next presentation I enjoyed was the topic about the actual date of his presentation. He listed famous birthdays, special events throughout history, along with other important things about that particular date for every year. His presentation was very humorous, and creative. It kept my attention, and I enjoyed his humor. :) The third presentation I enjoyed was the presentation topic about studying abroad in Italy. I thought she did a really great job of motivating people to want to go abroad. I have always wanted to go to Italy, so I loved all the fun pictures she included in her presentatinon. She even made sure to include all the information about how to get started, and sign up which might be useful to someone.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Free topic week

For this week, the blog topic may involve business writing or a current event, etc. I decided to talk about the topic I chose for my in class presentation. I decided to make a powerpoint, and talk about CCA. CCA means Concerned Citizens for Animals. It is a non-profit, local organization that helps animals, and educates the Upstate about their humane treatment. I learned about CCA through my vet. I told them I had found a stray kitten, and needed to get her shots, and fixed. In return, they informed me about CCA. After I got off the phone, I went to their website and got all the information I needed to get Lola taken care of. CCA made having a pet in college affordable, so I thought it would be a great idea to inform the class especially since the majority of us live off campus as well. Therefore my powerpoint presentation is going to inform the class about the CCA, what it is, what it does for animals, and what it can do for us. My handout is going to be a small flyer to help advertise one of CCA's annual fundraising events. CCA always needs help with fundraising, advertising, volunteering, etc. So I thought it might be good to make my handout a flyer advertising "Bark in the Park" at Greenville Tech on October 25. My hope was that the flyer might try and help CCA in fundraising.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cover letters

The advice on this website given about cover letters is very helpful. I definitely agree with the advice given. After reading the different pages of advice on cover letters, I thought I had a much better understanding on exactly what I should write when time to write my cover letter for the mock interview. The section of tutorial that was most useful for me was the "Best Use of a Cover Letter". This section explained what a cover letter is, and described the certain things a cover letter hold. It defines the two important points a cover letter should have. Point number one is what the product can do for the customer, or company. Point number two is what your customer will need to do to buy your product. Another great thing the "Best Use of a Cover Letter" explains is the basic formula of a cover letter. This was something I was not aware of, and definitely plan to use when I write my cover letter for the mock interview. The basic formula consists of a standard business letter address format, next the salutation, then the first, second, and third paragraphs to make up a cover letter.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

What I learned about interviewing

I learned how to answer tough interview questions better. If they ask you where you will be in five years you should concentrate on your future values. If they ask you about the salary you would like, give an approximate range. If they ask you why they should hire you do not be too over confident or boastful. If they ask you a silly question answer it appropriately because they want to see how you will answer under pressure.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

in ten years..

In ten years I would love to graduate from Clemson with a major in Sports Management & a minor in Business. I would also want to get an internship with the Committee for the Olympics or some big sports team. A major goal of mine is also to go graduate school for physical therapy or sports medicine at Clemson. I also hope to still have my kittys, Lola & Leroy, & get married hopefully to my boyfriend Todd who I have been with for three years already :) I also want to travel the world. I have already been to France, so I would love to visit Italy, Spain, Aruba, Australia..I could go on :) I'm sure there is tons more, but that is all I can think of at the moment!